Monday, October 10, 2005

Fall music

If you read my blog with any regularity you've probably figured out that I'm a little fanatical about a couple of things: 1) record collecting, and 2) documenting my life. Oftentimes these two things collide, as I frequently use music as a means of documentation. Hey, every dork needs a hobby.

When the seasons change I start itchin' for music that reminds me of said season. This past week I've been pulling out some of my "Fall records" to get me in the mood for colder weather, crunchy leaves, pumpkins, etc. . So, without further delay, here are just some of the albums that tend to elicit a strong "Fall feeling" from me:

REM - Automatic For The People
John Lennon -
Walls & Bridges
Stone Roses
- The Stone Roses
Ramones - Mondo Bizarro
Paul McCartney - Give My Regards to Broad Street
Julian Lennon -
Deborah Harry -
Def Dumb & Blonde
George Harrison -
All Things Must Pass
B-52s - Cosmic Thing & Whammy!
Aluminum Group - Plano & Pedals
Monkees -
Rutles -
Beatles - Anthology III
Prince & NPG - Diamonds & Pearls
Go-Go's - Beauty and the Beat
Big Star - #1 Record & Radio City
ELO - Time
The Jacksons - Triumph
Bangles - Everything
Duran Duran - Big Thing
Beach Boys - Smile (bootleg)
Cheap Trick - Dream Police
Partridge Family - The Partridge Family Album

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