Friday, October 07, 2005

My favorite concerts: Prince@First Ave, 3/21/1987

WLOL announced that Prince is playing at First Avenue TONITE. It wasn't a thing that you thought about, you just went. A group of us piled into a car, drove to the show, and paid $3.00 a head to get in. This was Prince's first show with his new Sign "O" The Times band, just days before the release of the new album. The stage was decorated just like the album cover, very bright and colorful and paisleyfied.

Prince at First Avenue, March 21, 1987
Prince took the stage, announcing that the show was a bit of a dress rehearsal. He appeared very relaxed and confident as he introduced the new band (including one "old friend" from the Revolution, Dr. Fink), and then introduced his new friend, Polka-dot Suit (which he was wearing). This was the only time that I saw Prince perform at First Ave (although I did stand next to him once at First Avenue in the summer of 1985). It was an amazing show, and I felt SO fortunate to witness it as it was happening. I've seen this particular show bootlegged on vinyl, CD, and DVD, with titles like Regent of First Avenue and 4 Those Of You On Valium. Earlier this year Prince officially released one track from this historic show, "Strange Relationship", as a digital download on his npg music club site.
3/21/87 Set List:
Housequake, Girls + Boys, Slow Love, Hot Thing, Now's The Time,
Strange Relationship, Forever In My Life, Kiss, It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night

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Anonymous said...

As a lont time Prince fan, I truely envy you this concert experience. 4 Those of you on valium is one of my first and most favourite Prince bootlegs ;-)