Monday, October 03, 2005

My favorite concerts: Ramones@First Ave, 7/27/86

Welcome to the latest feature of my blog, "My Favorite Concerts", where I will detail the best shows that I've attended over the past 25 years. Let the fun commence.

Prior to seeing The Ramones in July of '86 I had only owned one Ramones album (
End Of The Century (1980)). I was familiar with Rock & Roll High School, and I had seen their latest video ("Something To Believe In"), but that was about it. My friend Ed Miller encouraged me to go to the show, and he bought the tickets so I agreed. Being my first real show at First Ave, I was a little nervous (I was young, what can I say). The show started with the new video for STBI, after which the rock legends took the stage. From the intro of "Teenage Labotomy" through the remainder of the show, I was riveted!! It didn't matter that I didn't know many of the songs, because they all sounded the same. What was great was the energy, and the cartoonish band that was racing through the songs. As soon as one song ended Dee Dee would shout "ONECHEWTREEFAW" and they'd be off into the next song. It was GREAT.

At one point in the show Ed and I decided to venture into the crowd, to see if we could get any closer to the stage. Before I knew it I was caught up in the mosh pit, and within seconds I was pushed right up against the stage at Joey's feet. I was awestruck! I remember paying attention to Joey's glasses, which were tinted red. "Red glasses," I thought, "

I tend to think of this show as one of those moments that helped me identify my young adult self. Not long after this concert I started snatching up all of the Ramones LPs, to the point of borderline obsession with the band. Over the years I would have just one more opportunity to see The Ramones, on the tour for their final studio album,
Adios Amigos (1995). Fortunately for me, Pinhead Records recently released a picture disc LP of the 1986 concert I attended, so I now own a vinyl recording of the show, probably with a couple of my own hoots and hollers in the mix.
7/27/86 Set List
Teenage Lobotomy, Psycho Therapy, Blitzkrieg Bop, Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?
Mama's Boy, Gimme Gimme Shock Treament, Rock 'n' Roll High School, I Wanna Be Sedated,
The KKK Took My Baby Away, Crummy Stuff, Loudmouth, Love Kills,
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker, Glad To See You Go, Surfin' Bird, Cretin Hop,
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You, Today Your Love Tomorrow The World, Pinhead,
Chinese Rock, Somebody Put Something In My Drink, Rockaway Beach,
Do You Wanna Dance?, California Sun, We're A Happy Family

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