Friday, October 07, 2005

My favorite concerts: Stray Cats@First Ave, 8/5/1992

The summer of 1992 was el-stinko for yours truly. I was less than a year out of college, in the process of moving into my parents' attic, and working at a record store at the new Mall of America. To be honest, my memory of the period between August '92 and June 1994 (when I started Grad school in Mankato) is a bit hazy. I do remember quite a bit of drinking and lots of karaoke singing at the Apache Wells. I also remember a handful of great concerts, including this one.

I always appreciated the Stray Cats, but wasn't a "fan" until 1992 when they released the fantastic Choo Choo Hot Fish CD, which totally rocks, and it rocked even harder in concert. I went to the show with my friend and bandmate Matt (one of the few concerts we saw together, I think). Did I mention the show rocked? It was almost hard to believe that three guys could make as much noise as they did. I got the impression that they were trying to prove that they were more than a rockabilly band. They were a bonafide rock combo, due in part to Brian Setzer's incredible guitar playing (and we all know Setzer would later come into his own with his Brian Setzer Orchestra). The Stray Cats at First Avenue was truly one of the best live rock shows I've ever seen. In 2004 the Cats reunited for a European tour, although I don't think they did any U.S. dates.

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