Sunday, October 30, 2005

November 2, 2005: National Day of Resistance

I sincerely hope that students around the country participate on 11/2. As an instructor I'm considering allowing my students to use this day as an excused absence; I'd be proud if my students chose to get involved for one day rather than come to my class. I found a couple of great websites detailing this Wednesday's National Day of Resistance: and .

Recently, Mathew Hammitt of Waterville, MN, wrote to the Minneapolis StarTribune with his two cents about Resistence day:

"At the supper table, I asked my children if they had heard about the Nov. 2 student protest. They hadn't.

I was pleased by that. I gave them a little fatherly advice, seconded by my wife: If any of them were to participate in this protest, I would pack their bags and banish them from my home for life.

If some parents want their kids to skip a day of school so they can show disrespect to their country and president, fine. But none of my kids will be involved in this treasonous activity."

Unfortunately, there are lots of Americans that think like Mr. Hammitt. They spew language about family and "American values", but if their children speak their minds, which is their RIGHT as Americans, they shall be banished from the family home forever. Doesn't sound very American to me.

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