Saturday, November 19, 2005

Everyone Poops...but I poop a lot sometimes

Have you ever pooped so much that you can't imagine where it's all coming from? That's where I am right now. It's true that I am not shy about bowel movements; I don't know how one can live with Crohns or Colitis and not have a sense of humor about crapping. Today my bowels are a wee bit more explosive than usual. I have what you might call a "butt faucet", which is dispensing buckets of brown water. My dear friend Tracy is getting married to her longtime partner in NE Minneapolis as I type this, and I've choosen not to go. I feel pretty bad to have missed the occasion, but I know I'd be uncomfortable right now in such a social setting, feeling as run down as I do. Oh well, back to my throne...

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