Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hate and Bigotry in Minnesota

I'm still too angry to comment rationally on todays "marriage summit" in Minnesota, so I will quote the following reader letters in today's StarTrib:

Act on true immorality

I urge the Minnesota for Marriage group to spend its energy and money on the important issues: for instance, the thousands of soldiers (including their families) and Iraqis whose lives have been lost and/or affected by our occupation.

Or the lack of morals in the current administration, i.e. Lewis Libby's pornographic book, the indictments and the investigations. Or the budget proposals of our government that will cut programs for our children.


Focus on divorce, right?

I have to admit that I was very excited to learn that church leaders would be meeting to discuss the issue of marriage ("Redrawing the lines on same-sex marriage," Nov. 10).

I was hoping for a serious discussion about the skyrocketing divorce rate in this country and its serious social and economic consequences for millions of Americans. I couldn't wait to see what programs and initiatives the esteemed leaders of these churches would develop to support and nurture our families.

I listened further and discovered they weren't worried about divorce. They were worried about gay people getting married!

I guess I'm not surprised -- banning gay marriage is easy. Fixing the problems really plaguing American families is hard and not nearly as fun to talk about.


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