Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Musings from a campus coffee joint

I'm writing from my favorite campus coffee shop, Espresso 22, taking a break from reading student papers. As much as I've enjoyed teaching this semester, I will be glad to focus on some other things this Spring. One of the perks of teaching college students is that it reminds me of what life at 18 was like, and how grateful I am that I'm no longer in that age group. I think that the further away you get from the undergraduate experience, the more tempting it becomes to glamorize those years. When I look back on being an undergrad I remember what a great time of self-discovery it was, and all of the fun and exciting things I did. What I tend to forget is how awkward it was at times, and how much hard work college can be. I wouldn't want to be 20 again. It's insane how much value our culture places on youth - perhaps it's because young people have fewer fiscal responsiblities, thus more spending cash, and fewer budgeting skills.

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