Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"The New Cars"

Excerpts from a letter on bassist Kasim Sulton's website (Utopia, The Blackhearts). Pretty big news:

November 14, 2005

I've accepted a position as the Bassist for a new incarnation of an old band ... The Cars! Currently being billed as "The New Cars". I know most of you are aware that Todd Rundgren has also signed on as the lead singer. Pretty cool huh?
We've already recorded some new songs and are scheduled to be touring all next year (2006).
The line up is as follows, Todd, myself, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawks and Prairie Prince. We're planning to record a live CD/DVD sometime after the new year and a possible TV appearance before Christmas.
...I'm really excited to be involved in this new project with a great bunch of guys. I'm sure we'll be doing shows near you and this is one show you really don't want to miss. As soon as the publicity shots from the photo session we did are approved, I'll be putting them up here (www.KasimSulton.com).

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