Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On my turntable: Rick Springfield - Working Class Dog

While it's true that Rick sold out for a while after this album, churning out top 40 synth-pop hits, Working Class Dog (1981) deserves to be heralded as the rock-solid chunk of power-pop that it is. From the opening chords of "Love Is Alright Tonight", this album picks up where the Raspberries left off in the 70's. Sammy Hagar, who wrote "I've Done Everything For You" has gone on record praising Rick's version (on this album) as his favorite. And of course, "Jessie's Girl", the song that propelled Rick into the spotlight, is unquestionably the perfect pop single.

I've not heard all of Rick's recent
shock/denial/anger/acceptance (2004), but the tracks I've heard indicate a return to power-pop form. This month, Rick is reprising his role as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, which is bound to please plenty of his forty-something lady fans. I just hope he continues to tour and make strong records.

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