Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sometimes life is painful, like right now.

So this morning I had a dermatology appointment to get my moles looked at, something I figured I should have done. All of my moles were dandy, but there was a little concern about some actinic keratosis on my face (due to sun exposure as a kid). The doctor decided to zap the spots with liquid nitrogen, which stings quite a bit and leaves blisters. Then the doctor decided that we should take care of the warts on my feet, which have been a problem for a few years. So the doctoral student tells me to lie on my stomach on the examination table, and to get comfortable because it might take a while. Real swell. So first she pares the warts down, which is no small feat (ha! That's a pun 'cause the warts were on my feet - get it?), and then she terrorized my tender soles with these blasts of nitrogen, which really really hurt!! At this point I am biting my knuckles and cursing at the woman. After about 10 minutes she slapped bandaids on my feet and sent me on my way.

So I'll be limping around campus today. To make matters slightly worse, I have found that both the pants and sweater that I'm wearing today have stains on them. I probably look like a person with special needs, hobbling around with stained clothes and blisters on my face. To top it off, I have a class to teach this afternoon. Life can be so glamorous when you're pretty like me.

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