Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Best of 2005: Quarter 4

I'm a music geek. Fanatic, if you will. For the past few years I've been doing a "best of" CD every Trimester (4 months for you math geniuses), but this year I switched to Quarters. Last night I finalized the Best of Quarter 4 (October-December), published here for your enjoyment:

"I've Got A Life" - Eurythmics
"Hung Up (radio version)" - Madonna
"Te Amo Corazon" - Prince
"English Tea" - Paul McCartney
"English Country Garden" - The Darkness
"Delirious Love (live on the Tonight Show)" - Neil Diamond w/Brian Wilson
"Girls Just Want To Have Fun (2005)" - Cyndi Lauper w/Puffy AmiYumi
"What I Meant To Say (radio edit)" - Donny Osmond
"Who Are These People?" - Burt Bacharach w/Elvis Costello
"Hurt Myself" - Rusty Anderson
"Bloody Seventies Love" - The Jessica Fletchers
"Do You Want To" - Franz Ferdinand
"Mind On The Road" - Reverend Run
"7 Days" - Acid House Kings
"Turn My Back On The Sun" - Big Star
"Come Tomorrow" - Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb
"Mother Veronica" - Checkpoint Charley
"Piece of the Action" - Bay City Rollers (1983)
"What I Really Want For Christmas" - Brian Wilson
"Give The Jew Girl Toys" - Sarah Silverman
"Christmas Time" - Donny Osmond
"I'm Looking Through You" - Ted Leo
"Hotel California" - John Press
"Do They Know It's Hallowe'en" - North American Halloween Prevention Initiative


Sir Manchester Winchester of Hampsire III said...

Hmmmmm.... very interesting, indeed. I am quite FASCINATED by the quite ECLECTIC mix of music styles that Sir Jeff finds himself indulging in from time time.

Anonymous said...

Check out Judah Friedlander's newly released holiday clip on his web site: