Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas at Apache Plaza

Hey there Santa. For Christmas this year I'd like for my childhood mall, Apache Plaza, not to be torn down and replaced by a goddamn Walmart. Can you give me that, Santa? Can you bring my Apache Plaza back?

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Carl Bjorgen said...

I also enjoyed many of my childhood days at Apache.

Nice, safe, fun, exciting; I worked at Van Arsdells (earned money for new hockey skates that I bought in the sporting goods department downstairs) and JC Penneys, I spent a lot of my allowance at Musicland on albums and 45's (also bought my first stereo there), and comics at Key Rexall Drug.

Had malts and club sandwiches at Woolworth lunch counter, bought model kits at GC Murphy, Estes rocket kits at Jolly's, got hamsters and tropical fish at the pet store, Adidas at the County Seat, donuts at Jerry's, I was in the battery of the month club at Radio Shack, and hid from my grandma and grandpa under the tables at Minnesota Fabric (or Minnesota Mills as my grandma called it) while they picked out material to make the many projects they used to make.

I sure loved it there. Especially during Christmas. It was so exciting, and there was so much energy. Greatest shopping center ever if you ask me. I think about it often, and wish I still had Apache Plaza in my life. It has never been replaced.