Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Harpo's Hot Licks

I found this picture today at the MN Historical Society. What a flashback. Harpo's Hot Licks was a record store on Block E in downtown Minneapolis. This photo was taken around 1980, which is about the time that I started shopping there. I bought a lot of records at Hot Licks, which later became Northern Lights for a short time, before moving into the old Music City space on Hennepin. 

Hot Licks was a good store for imports and bootlegs (at some point in the early 80's the store got busted for selling bootleg records). I bought my first Go-Go's record there, a pink vinyl 45 of "Our Lips Are Sealed"; I still have a lot of records from Hot Licks in my collection. I remember when The Replacements' Stink EP was released, the store featured a huge window display for the record. It was probably the best store for new music in the Twin Cities for a while.

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