Friday, December 09, 2005

On my turntable: Bay City Rollers - "Piece of the Action"/"Seen This Movie"

My latest eBay acquisition (which arrived in today's mail) is a 1983 reunion of the Bay City Rollers, featuring seven Rollers: Derek, Alan, Woody, Eric, Les, Ian AND Pat. I didn't even know this single existed, although I think it was only released in Japan. It's actually a damn catchy single. The only unfortunate thing about the record is the 80's hair and fashions on the sleeve. Nice Pat Benatar headband there, Woody.


Anonymous said...

I have only heard this song on the live album from 1984. Is it possible to get an MP3 of the songs?

David Carlson said...

i would also like to know where to get an mp3 copy of this song. thanks.

jangohump said...

Could i please get an mp3 copy of this single and the b side i would be eternally grateful been looking for this for years.


Steven Holt

jangohump said...

my email address is