Tuesday, December 27, 2005

On my turntable: Hudson Brothers - Totally Out Of Control

Totally Out of Control (1974)
Why weren't the Hudson Brothers HUGE? With records like 1974's Totally Out of Control and Ba-Fa (1975) they certainly deserved to be enormous (at least with record buyers outside of the 16 magazine demographic). Perhaps the only thing the Hudsons did wrong was to be so funny on television. Anyone remember the Hudson Brothers' Razzle Dazzle Show?

Produced by the legendary Bernie Taupin, Totally Out Of Control is arguably the Hudsons' own Abbey Road. The album even closes with a medley of songs, including a short track called "One And The Same" that plays at the very end, a la "Her Majesty". The bulk of The Hudson Brothers' sound was comprised of the trio of Mark on drums, Bill on guitar, and Brett on bass. Later albums that tampered with this formula, albums like The Truth About Us (1978) and Damn Those Kids (1980) seemed to lack the punch of the earlier records, most likely due to Mark's absence on the drums.

For those interested in exploring the great music of the Hudson Brothers, I suggest starting with Totally Out of Control, Ba-Fa, and Hudson (1972). To the best of my knowledge, none of these are on CD, although there is an (out of print) 1995 CD compilation, So You Are A Star: The Best Of The Hudson Brothers, which also featured some new tracks. To learn more about the Hudsons, visit Kathryn Hansen's great website.

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Anonymous said...

The Hudson Brothers' Totally Out of Control was the second album I ever bought when I was like, seven years old. The first was Magical Mystery Tour. I remember studying both of the album covers for hours at a time while listening to the music.