Friday, December 09, 2005

On my turntable: Susanna Hoffs - When You're a Boy

The Bangles are probably one of my top 10 favorite groups. When they "took a break" from each other in 1989 I kept hoping for a reunion (which eventually happened in the late 90's). In '91 Susanna released When You're A Boy, her first solo outing. It's a nice album. It's not the Bangles, but many of the songs would have fit nicely on a Bangles record.

When Susanna was doing her promotion for the album I was fortunate enough to meet her at the corporate office of the company I worked for at the time. I was so terrified to talk with her, but she was such a normal person, and very much a music fan. Shown here is a pic of my friend Jim and myself with Ms. Hoffs (Susanna's the gorgeous one). In 2003 The Bangles released the fantastic Doll Revolution CD, and they continue to tour today.

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