Sunday, January 22, 2006

Belafonte: "Bush is the greatest terrorist in the world."

I was watching CNN this morning, where they were talking about Harry Belafonte's recent comments about George W. being a terrorist. Is Bush a Terrorist? I base my own decision on the following, for starters:

Americans killed by terrorists on 9-11: 3,030
Americans killed in Bush's war in Iraq: 2,224
Innocent Iraqi's killed in Iraq war to date: estimated at
over 31,000.

Do the math. How can Bush not be considered a Terrorist after illegally invading a country and killing so many innocent people?

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Jay said...

I posted your comments on the KFAN Rube Chat page.... should be an interesting collection of red neck no good hunting miller genuine draft drinking losers answering your very interesting question.

I personally am embarrassed that we have a terrorist as a leader of our country.

Jan said...

You've seen the bumperstickers with the flag on them that reads: "These colors don't run..."

The other day I saw one that had a flag on it and read:

"These colors don't run....
.....the world."