Sunday, January 08, 2006

On my turntable: The Clash - London Calling

London Calling (1979)
I purchased this album yesterday for the first time, which is about 25 years overdue. When "Train In Vain" was first released as a single I went berserk over it (it sounded great on American Bandstand, and at the roller rink), so I bought the 45 but just didn't feel like I knew enough about The Clash at the time to splurge on a full-length double album. I now understand what all the ruckus was about; London Calling (1979) deserves the hype.

Before hearing this album I was expecting a straight-ahead punk record, but stylistically this music is all over the place. There is rock, punk, ska, reggae, arrangements rich with horns and percussion, all layered on top of great songs.

This remastered double-LP re-issue, released in 2004, sounds terrific. The LPs come in what I assume to be the original inner sleeves with lyrics, credits & photos. This is a record that belongs in every collection. For those of you who refuse to own LPs (shame on you), go buy the CD.

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