Monday, January 16, 2006

On My Turntable: The Cowsills - II x II

Don't Look Back
(by Barry Cowsill, 1970)

When you leave us far behind in the morning,
When you drive away from here,
Try to hold back all you tears.
And don't look back, baby, don't look back.

We will miss you when you go away from here.
We know you will miss us too.
Don't let all your sadness through,
And don't look back, baby, don't look back.

Reminisce about all the nice things we do, and what I meant to you.
And what life standed for then, and what it stands for now.

When you leave from here,
Return on the morrow.
Leaving all the things you cherish,
Please do something as you perish.
Don't look back, baby, don't look back. Back.


Jeff's Mom said...

Why do you listin to this FILTH!

jeff anderson said...

Mom - We've had this discussion before. The Cowsills are not filth! They were the spokesfamily for the American Dairy Association, for godsakes.

jeff's mom said...

The they should be called The Cowmilkers! I don't care how much cheese they make. I read those words, and that is NOT how I brought you boys up.

Thomas said...

are these comments for real? if so that's some brilliance.

Jeff said...

Thomas -

"jeff's mom" is just my brother being a smart ass (at least I hope it is, 'cause I wouldn't typically talk to my mom like that!). I forget sometimes that the average reader doesn't realize this, although it's funny that someone could read these comments and think that it's real!

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