Thursday, January 05, 2006

Top 5 best places to buy new vinyl in the Twin Cities

5. Dinkytown CD Warehouse, 1417 4th St SE, Minneapolis.
Over the past year this store has been expanding and improving its new vinyl section, and recently even started stocking used LPs.
4. Treehouse Records, 2557 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis.
Formerly known as Oar Folkjokeopus, this Uptown store is my favorite shop for new 7" releases. They also tend to stock new LP releases as soon as they're available, although sometimes the prices are a bit steep.
3. Roadrunner Records, 4304 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis.
Roadrunner's new vinyl section is pretty impressive, including punk/hardcore/alternative and vintage reissues. I rarely walk out of Roadrunner empty handed.
2. Aardvark Records, 924 Lowry Ave NE, Minneapolis.
Located in my neighborhood of origin, Nordeast Minneapolis, Aardvark is a very friendly store in which to shop. There's usually a nice selection of fresh new vinyl releases, and as an added bonus the owner has a very lovely pooch that hangs out in the store and sometimes begs for lovins.
1. Cheapo Records, various locations.
Cheapo, particularly the Uptown store but also St. Paul on Snelling, remains the king in terms of stocking new vinyl. The prices can vary, but the variety of new and older catalog releases is very consistent. The Uptown store recently opened a brand new lower level for vinyl, tapes & VHS. What's also cool about the Uptown store is the occasional celebrity that shops there. I saw Jellybean Johnson of The Time shopping there once, and Prince himself has been known to buy records there.

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