Monday, June 26, 2006

Ten fave Twin Cities record stores

Minneapolis has had lots of great record stores over the past 40 years. Here's my top ten favorites. I did not put them in any rank order, as they are/were all great for different reasons:

Musicland - Apache Plaza (closed early 1980's)
Don Leary's - St Anthony Center (closed late 80's. I worked at this store briefly in '86-'87)
Great American Music - Fridley (closed late 1980's. Now a Cheapo)
Positively 4th Street - Minneapolis (closed sometime in 90's)
Cheapo Records - Uptown
Oar Folkjokeopus/Treehouse - Uptown
Let It Be Records - Minneapolis (closed 2005)
Harpos Hot Licks - Minneapolis (closed early-mid 80's)
Mr. Bojangles - Columbia Heights (closed early 80's)
Northern Lights - Minneapolis (former Music City store; closed in 90's)


Jan said...

Where's TW2 on the list?!?

jeff anderson said...

If I did a "top ten fave Title Wave stores" list, then TW2 would be on it! Otherwise, no. It's hard to have fond shopping memories of a store when you worked there as long as we did.

Monika said...

Hey, I think I went to all of these. I remember getting a tape of a tape of the Violent Femmes on one side, the Circle Jerks on the other, from a friend in middle school. I decided I had to have the Violent Femmes album (it was their first), and I ordered it from Don Leary's. I grew up in St. Anthony; now I'm a PhD student in Tampa.

Jeff said...

monika -

Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope that the end of the term is going smoothly for you out in Tampa!