Friday, October 27, 2006

On my turntable: R.E.M. - Fables of the Reconstuction

This one's for Jan. I finally purchased Fables! I've never felt the need to own this album, but I saw a sealed copy of it yesterday for $5 and figured it's time. Fables of the Reconstruction (1985), or Reconstruction of the Fables as some fans (incorrectly) call it, harkens back to a time when Michael Stipe sang lyrics that only drunken college kids understood. Case in point: a little number called "Kohoutek". As I type this I'm only on song #4 ("Life and How to Live It") so I don't yet have an opinion of the full album, but so far it's a fun listen.


Jan said...

The original cassette of Fables (which I owned as a drunken college student) had the title "Fables of the Reconstruction" on one side and on the other it was "Reconstruction of the Fables." The spine of the CD has "Reconstruction of the Fables" on it, hence the confusion.

Just curious if the LP album vinyl has different names on each side, too. Give it some can't go wrong with an album that has Driver 8 on it!

broham said...

All I know is I was working at Musicland in Dinkytown when this came out, and I wanted to punch every person that came in to the store to buy this! (No offence)

jeff anderson said...

You raise a good point, Miss Jan. The spine on the LP says "Fables of the" on one end, and "Reconstruction of the" on the other. Side A of the record says "fables of the reconstruction" (lower case), while side 2 ("Another Side" as it's labeled) is "RECONSTRUCTION OF THE FABLES" (in caps for some reason). I wouldn't put it past the 1985 artsy-fartsy REM to have an album that actually had two titles.

So I stand corrected!