Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back to life

Yesterday was nice. Leo and I went to the Pride festival for a couple of hours and then went to 5:00 mass. It was great being able to walk just a block from the park to our church. The park was crowded but manageable and the weather was almost perfect. It's always nice to see all the families that come to the festival, especially those that bring their dogs! You couldn't swing a dead cat yesterday without hitting a puppy dawg, most of which were having the time of their lives sniffing everything, getting tons of attention, checking out the other pups. I think the dogs were the happiest ones there.

The parade is happening in a couple of hours and I'll probably stay away on account of the heat. Leo's out of town today and I don't think I'd have much fun at the parade without him anyway. I figure there are a couple of record stores that I've neglected as of late. There's also that mountain of dirty laundry that's staring me down.

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