Friday, September 21, 2007

On my turntable: The Beatles - Help! (US version)

The American version of Help! (1965), just like A Hard Day's Night (1964), features incidental music from the film between actual Beatles songs. When I was younger this sequencing annoyed me, but now I enjoy it. Of course, the British version of Help! is a better album, but from a historic standpoint it's fun to have both versions.

I bought this album in the summer of 1980 (I think), at the Fridley Great American Music store. I remember riding my bike home from the store, LP under my arm, and being pulled over by the Columbia Heights police. On my bike. Turns out I went through a stop sign, which is understandable because I had a new record to listen to once I got home. Stop sign, schmop sign.

So anyway that's my Help! story.


kyle said...

i loved the great american music store in fridley; growing up in columbia heights it was the best option until i discovered the mtc and found northern lights.

i bought princes controversy (amongst many other treasures) at g.a.m. - and walked home devouring the liner notes.

what a crap store; but what great memories.

Jeff said...

You know, when I think of Controversy I remember Musicland at Apache Plaza. I think that was the first place where I looked at the album cover. I didn't buy the album then, but my brother had it (not sure where he bought it).

The Cheapo in Fridley (former g.a.m.) is carrying vinyl again, which makes me happy.