Saturday, September 15, 2007

On my turntable: Roller Boogie OST

Oh my. Perhaps Roller Trainwreck would have been a more apt title. Has anyone out there seen this film? It stars Linda Blair in what I assume was her first and final rollerdisco picture. The soundtrack (1979) is equally impressive, with two LPs worth of music I've never heard before, with the exception of "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth Wind & Fire. I bought the LP today for a buck, mostly because it features a Cher song I'd never heard, "Hell On Wheels". It's an OK song. The rest of the album's stellar lineup includes the illustrious Johnnie Coolrock, Mavis Vegas Davis, Ron Green, Cheeks, and Bob Esty, who also produced, arranged & conducted the album. OK, um, WHO are these people?? I can just picture a group of coked-out execs in the Casablanca records board room saying "We're sittin' on a goldmine here, people. Roller Disco is all the rage right now. We can't miss. It doesn't matter that nobody has heard any of these artists. We've secured Cher for one song, and we've got Linda Blair in the starring role on the front cover in roller skates. It'll be gangbusters, man - we're gonna sell millions. And since it's a double album, that's twice the profit! Hey man - pass the coke."


ayem8y said...

Greetings, I stumbled across your blog after a Google search for Chucky Margolis. I very much enjoy your posts about vinyl as I'm a record freak also. Not only have I seen Roller Boogie, I saw it at the theater and went back to see it again with a good friend just so that we could laugh at it. It’s that bad. I recently posted about it myself, by the way I have that album as well and I too only paid one dollar for it.

Jeff said...

Thanks for posting - I'm glad you stumbled on my blog!