Thursday, September 20, 2007


This morning I received a call from my brother at about 6:30. Turns out he had received a vague phone message from our mom. She hadn't called me so we figured it wasn't urgent. Around 8:00 I got a call from mom at the hospital. She had taken dad to Emergency and the powers that heal were planning to keep him there for a while so they could keep an eye on him. Fortunately one of my fellow instructors offered to teach my class so that I could go visit him (thanks again, Kristina).

I feel so bad for my dad. He lives with lung disease and is so uncomfortable sometimes. Lately it's gotten to the point that he can hardly do anything without losing his breath. The good news through all of this is that his sense of humor is still intact. My dad is a very funny man, and he had us laughing (intentional or not) today at the hospital. Our family, like most, has had its tough times, but we're tight. We are able to find things to laugh at, which is a healing thing. I just pray that my dad will be able to heal to the point where he's not so miserable. If you happen to believe in prayer please feel free to say a prayer for my dad.

So tonite I tried to take care of myself. I ordered a pizza from our local pizza joint, did a little studying, played some records, and even made a little time to write some music, which I don't do so much these days. Leo's working an evening shift tonight so I expect he'll be nicely surprised to find leftover pizza when he gets home.

Seeing as the title of this entry is "Today", here's a video of Jefferson Airplane performing "Today" at the Monterey Pop Festival. Note how the camera stays on Grace Slick, even though Marty Balin is singing:

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Mark said...

My thoughts are with you.

I often play "Today" at the bar when people are leaving. It once made my friend Damian cry, but we blame that on the beer consumption. That album and Volunteers are my very favorite Airplane albums.