Sunday, November 18, 2007


The last 26 hours have been crazy. Last night Leo and I got a call saying my dad was being taken to the emergency room with some sharp stomach pains. They took some x-rays and found that he had a rupture in his colon that was draining into his gut. It was very serious and he needed surgery immediately to remove part of his colon and give him a colostomy bag. His lung disease added a batch of complications, since he would need to be put on a respirator. The doctors said there was a good chance that he would have a hard time breathing on his own again after the surgery. They told us to expect a number of days, maybe even a week at least, before he starts to breathe on his own. They were very upfront, saying that he could die from the surgery, but without the surgery he would definitely die. It was awful.

They started prepping him for surgery at 4:30 am, and by 5:30 we were in the family waiting room. Two hours later the surgeons came in to say that the surgery went well and that he was moved to the ICU. We all went home to sleep. Around 3:00 we got a call from mom saying that dad was doing really well, that he was already up and talking and breathing on his own. That's my dad. We know that he's far from out of the woods, as he is still in danger of infection on account of all the steroids he's been on for his lungs. The next few days will be crucial. Still, dad has already amazed us with his recovery, and we're praying that he continues to do well. He's got amazing spirit.

If you believe in prayer, please say a little something for my pops. Thanks to everyone, as always, for your support. I'm going to sleep now.


ayem8y said...

Wow your dad is amazing, be thankful, and thanks for modern medicine. Prayer's for your dad and for you sweetie.

Jeff said...

Thank you, m8y.