Thursday, November 08, 2007

On my turntable: Donna Summer - On The Radio

First, I feel the need to say that I've not heard every disco album ever made. Now that I've said that, allow me to say that this is the best disco album ever made. Listening to this record right now is making my toes all tingly, which is a good feeling unless you're elderly and you have some type of foot disease.

I first bought On the Radio (1979) back when it was released, when my turntable was a record changer that was part of a Panasonic compact stereo unit. It was a good stereo for me as a young preteen. Anyway, imagine my excitement when tonight I found an unopened copy of On the Radio looking all pretty at one of my local record shops. For real, it sounds so superduper nice. The strings are all bright and smooth as glass, and the bass is totally booming. The drums and brass sound all crisp and kickass. Did I mention that this is the best disco LP ever made?

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Ray said...

Excellent album. Non-stop party. Love how it flows from one jam to the next.