Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On my turntable: Led Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door

First of all, allow me to stress that I am not, repeat not, a Led Zep fan. I've never quite understood why this band is worshipped the way they are, and I definitely do not think Jimmy Page is a god. I don't get it. They're a good band, sure, but come on. Having said that, I do think that John Paul Jones is a talented arranger, and Bonham was a powerful drummer. OK - I've established some basics.

So why did I ever buy this album? I'm not sure. It was 1979 and practically every song on In Through The Out Door (1979) was in heavy rotation on KQRS, the local album rock station. After buying the album I listened to it for a few months before abandoning, and eventually selling it, to one of the local shops. Tonight at the record store I ran across a copy of the album in its original brown bag wrapper and said "ah, what the heck". So I'm listening to this album now for the first time in over 25 years and it's pleasant. I like everything I hear, although side 2's ten minute opener ("Carouselambra") is probably unnecessary. There are definite highlights though, like "In the Evening", "South Bound Saurez", "Fool In The Rain" -- OK all of side 1.

Let's see if it takes another 25 years for me to listen to it again.


Rocker dude! said...

What are you TALKING about DUDE? Led Zep is the BEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND OF ALL TIME! I have NEVER SEEN such a Laser show! Have you ever listened to PHYSICAL GRAFFITI? I bet you don't even listen to GOOD music, like DYLAN and CSNY! My guess is you listen to stuff like REDD KROSS and THE VINES, whoever they are!

Jimmy Page is a GUITAR GOD! Robert Plant is the best DRUMMER EVER! And Davey Paul Jones is the best bassist since Micheal Anthony!!! GET A LIFE, DUDE, AND LISTEN TO SOME REAL ROCK AND ROLL FOR A CHANGE!! YOU WILL LIKE IT!

Musicgoat said...

Hey Jeff,

Although I can't totally agree with your assessment of Zeppelin - to each his own right? - I think it is awesome that you are talking about this album. It is Usually overlooked.

Fool in the Rain and In the Evening are great songs.

Coincidentally, the first time I ever heard this album it was on vinyl.

Thanks for the memories.