Friday, November 09, 2007

On my turntable: The Muffs - Blonder and Blonder

The first time I heard Blonder and Blonder (1995) was in a hotel room in Duluth, MN. I was in Duluth to help plan a regional conference and stopped at Best Buy to pick up some new CDs. I didn't know much about the Muffs at the time, but I knew they had a Redd Kross connection, and I thought the cover art was cool. I listened to the CD several times that weekend, and I remember being totally smitten with the songwriting. The song structure is very Beatles '65. The other striking element was the power with which the band played. It was like I was listening to the best possible comeback album by The Knack, except they had a new chick singer/guitar player who had an awesome scream. A couple of years later I found the LP on beautiful bright red vinyl and gave the CD to my brother, who is now a mega-fan as well.

The Muffs have yet to top Blonder and Blonder, although 2004's Really Really Happy comes very very close. I was lucky to see The Muffs play at the 7th St. Entry several years ago. If you have a chance to see these guys perform please go see them. I said please.

The Muffs Official Website

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Jay said...

You know, I talked to Kim on the phone, and I could tell she had a secret crush on me.

That 10 minute phone conversation was one of the highlight's of my adult life.

FUCK, The Muff's ROCK!