Monday, November 12, 2007


OK, am I the first genius to realize that the bulk of the word "sick" is "ICK"? Yeah I'm smart like that.

So today is a sick day. It's the first full-on sick day that I've taken in a while, so I didn't feel so guilty taking it. I started feeling feverish yesterday afternoon, and I'm experiencing what might be a new crohn's fistula, which always compels me to slow down. I contacted my students, cancelled class, and made an appointment with the couch. Our bunny Austin loves days like this because it means he can nap all afternoon next to the couch. I must say I love waking up from a nap and looking over to see Austin zonked out next to me -- he's just so damn adorable.

It's hard to believe there's only a month left in the semester. It's definitely been one of those life-defining terms for me. There have been several unexpected challenges thrown my way, academically and otherwise, that have forced me to find balance and perspective. I know it will all be worth it in the long run (if it doesn't kill me). I try to remind myself that I'm hardly the first person to work on a Ph.D. If they can do it, so can I. Eye on the prize, as they say.

So tonight I've got dishes and laundry, my next Statistics lab assignment, and Dancing with the Stars. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can wake up and seize the day with a smile.


Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself! Feel better soon...

ayem8y said...

I love to make a pig pen around me on the couch for sick days...junk food, tissues, pillows, blankets, TV, and more junk food...hope you enjoyed your day off and get well soon.