Friday, December 28, 2007


I may have mentioned that I took incompletes for my Fall semester classes, as it didn't seem realistic to work on this stuff while grieving for my dad and doing the necessary things with my family. This week I've slowly been inching my way back into this coursework, and today I managed to get so much done. I took this pic just moments after completing my final stats lab:

*heavy sigh*

So now my finals week can technically begin, albeit a little late. I'm at a point now where I just want to complete everything so that I can move on. I have one last take-home exam to complete, and one final paper. Then it's on to the new challenges of Spring semester. Thanks to everyone for your words of support & encouragement. It has meant a great deal.


Jennifer said...

I just happened to come across your blog today and wanted to send you my sympathies over the loss of your dad. No words can really help at a time like this, especially the words from a random stranger(!), but know that I'm thinking about you (I don't mean that in the creepy way like it kinda sounds, but in a supportive, normal-person kind of way).

I enjoy your blog. You have a bunny that looks like one of mine, and your taste in music is excellent. Not too many people still like the Bay City Rollers, let alone admit to it!

Hope 2008 is a good year for you.

Jeff said...

Thank you Jennifer, for the kind words, and for visiting my blog!

The Bay City Rollers rule! always nice to meet fellow fans.:)