Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On my turntable: The Beatles - Revolver (U.S. version)

Somewhere around the ripe old age of 12 I'd figured out that some of the British versions of Beatles albums had extra songs on them. In some instances the make-up of the albums was drastically different (e.g Rubber Soul), but in the case of Revolver (1966), Capitol simply shaved off three songs, which to this day makes no kind of sense. Knowing this, as I did, and being an astute young record consumer with limited paper route monies, I sought out the British import of Revolver (finally purchasing it at Great American Music in Fridley, probably 1978). I never bothered to purchase the U.S. version until very recently.

In stark contrast to the awesome U.S. Rubber Soul, the U.S. Revolver comes off simply as an aborted Reader's Digest version of the U.K. album. You gotta wonder why Capitol chose three Lennon songs to get the ax; "I'm Only Sleeping", "And Your Bird Can Sing", and "Dr. Robert" were all left off of Revolver in the U.S., released instead on Yesterday...And Today (1966). Thus, John's contribution to the American LP is limited to two songs ("She Said She Said" and "Tomorrow Never Knows"), while George somehow manages three ("Taxman", "Love You To", "I Want To Tell You"). Go figure. Regardless, with fourteen songs or eleven, Revolver is an incredible album, and probably my favorite by the fabs.


Mark said...

The American Rubber Soul is my favorite. It's a totally different album than the actual British release, and since I grew up with it that way, it's always sounded better as a sort-of folk rock album.

atomicpop said...

elenore rigby is the greatest beatles tune of all time. love that track.