Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On my turntable: Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (stereo)

I was feeling the need for something sunshiney
to help me get past this April snow...

There are Beach Boys purists out there who consider the 1999 stereo mix of Pet Sounds to be heresy. I'm not one of those fans. I *love* the stereo mix of Pet Sounds. Of course I like the original mono version as well. It is legendary. I just don't understand why some fans can't love both. To each their own, I guess. Maybe they just never heard the stereo version on vinyl (no lie - it is astounding).


Mark said...

It's me you're talking about!!

I love the mono mix, and find the stereo mix busy and overwhelming.

But it really doesn't matter, cuz this is some of the very most beautiful music in the world...and I have goosebumps right now just thinking about it.

Jeff said...

Mark -

Ha! Hope you didn't take offense. I do see your point. The mono mix is *perfect*. Have you heard the mono mix used on the '06 reissue? Supposedly the master that was used was an improvement over previous releases (If I remember right). I read on the Beach Boys Britain board once that Bruce J really dislikes the stereo mix, especially God Only Knows, which he says uses a tired or scratch vocal from Carl. Maybe I like the Stereo mix because it's another way to experience the same music, or perhaps it's the A.D.D. that attracts me to its busy-ness :).