Sunday, April 27, 2008

On my turntable: Elliot Easton - Change No Change

Change No Change (1985) is another one of my "time capsule" albums (see 4/21 entry). When I was a freshman in Duluth living in the dorms, there was this guy across the hall (Terry) who was a Cars fanatic. If it weren't for Terry (who would become a roommate the following year), I probably would never have heard this record, but as it was I heard it a lot. It's a great album, and as I listen to it now I wonder, as I did back in 1985, why Easton wasn't a more prominent member of The Cars. The songs on Change No Change are every bit as good as the songs on Benjamin Orr's 1986 solo album (which got a lot more attention and airplay).

When sophomore year ended I moved back to Minneapolis and never heard Change No Change again, until this afternoon when I found this handsome copy at the thrift store for 80 cents. Before playing it I only recalled a couple tracks by title ("Tools of Your Labor" and "(Wearing Down) Like a Wheel"), but upon listening I instantly recognized every song, each sounding just like it did the last time I heard it 22 years ago. Music is a powerful thing.

"(Wearing down) Like A Wheel"


Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe someone else has this album and enjoys it too. It is a really good album. And, Elliot is a really underrated guitar player (and from all appearances, a nice guy too). I was glad you mentioned Ben Orr's album. I think that one is a great record that certainly flew under the radar.

Mark said...

Elliot and I worked on a project together several years ago, shortly after this came out. I think it's great, actually. Elliot's completely underated on every level. I believe the Cars were a difficult band to be in, if you weren't toeing Ric's line. I was sitting in Elliot's living room when he received his copy of The Cars Greatest Hits collection. He opened the envelope it was in, pulled it out, and tossed it out the 4th floor window. I have a feeling he wasn't very happy.

And how typical that we both know this rather obscure record.

Jeff said...

Mark -

What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing that. I wonder if the New Cars experience was any better for him, considering it was just him and Greg Hawkes (another underrated player, IMO).

And yes - again we see another parallel in our record collections!

Jay said...

I would not want to be hit by a flying record that was thrown from a 4th floor window.