Friday, October 24, 2008

On my turntable: The Polyphonic Spree - Together We're Heavy

When I first saw Together We're Heavy (2004) at the record store I thought "Oh, yeah - this looks like something I would like". After a little research and comparative pricing I eventually bought the album in August '04 at our dearly departed Let It Be records.

If I had to choose one word to describe this record, it would be "bombastic". The Polyphonic Spree is more of an orchestral choir than a traditional band, dressed in colorful robes that make them look like a gang of Krishna devotees. It's interesting stuff, even if singer Tim DeLaughter's voice gets a bit grating at times. The packaging of the double LP is deLovely; the colorful gatefold sleeve features gold foil lettering, and includes a foldout lyric sheet/poster.

update: I like this album even more after watching this awesome video for "Hold Me Now", starring a cast of puppets:

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HiRize said...

I LOVE IT! going to look for it..