Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top 10 Greatest

Earlier today my brother emailed out a list of his personal "Top 10 Greatest Songs In the History of Music", asking others to join in with their own. It's not an easy task, but I gave it a shot:
10. "I Wish U Heaven" (full version) - Prince
9. "My Brave Face" - Paul McCartney
8. "Leaving this Town" - Beach Boys
7. "Beechwood Park" - Zombies
6. "Our Lips Are Sealed" - Go-Go's
5. "Good Vibrations" - Beach Boys
4. "Kilburn Towers" - Bee Gees
3. "I Feel Fine" - Beatles
2. "Don't Listen to The Radio" - Vines
1. "For Pete's Sake" - Monkees
Honorable mentions: "What is Life" - George Harrison, "Citadel" - Rolling Stones, "New Power Generation" - Prince, "Bubbles" - Free Design, "Big Bang Baby" - Stone Temple Pilots

Feel free to post your own 10's in the comments...

update: Kyle left a comment suggesting I add more detail about my selections, so I'll try to add some as I have time (see comments).


madhouse 6 said...

by full version, i'm assuming you mean the 10 minute extended version - correct?

interesting choice - i'll have to give this some thought.

i would love for you to take this one step further and explain what each song means to you and why you chose it.

Jeff said...


You're correct - I was referring to the 12" extended version. It's just so unexpectedly funky.

And I will give some thought into the meaning behind these & why I chose 'em. Thanks for asking! :)

Jeff said...

6. "Our Lips Are Sealed" - Go-Go's: This is one of those songs for which I have a vivid memory of the first time I heard it. I was babysitting for a neighbor across the street from my folks in the early fall of 1981, watching Solid Gold on tv, when this new all-woman band from CA started lip-synching their debut single. It was the first time I'd heard or seen the Go-Go's, and I was completely smitten. I tracked down an import pink vinyl copy of the 45 at Harpo's Hot Licks downtown, and eventually the full-length LP at Don Leary's. I still consider "OLAS" to be one of the perfect pop singles of all time.

Mark said...

too hard!!!
not in any order either:

Needle in the Camel's Eye-
Brian Eno
Dandelion -
The Rolling Stones
Fan Mail -
Go Let It Out -
Somebody Told a Lie -
Ashford & Simpson
Uncertain Smile(45 version)-
The The
God Give Me Strength -
Elvis Costello & Burt Bachrach
She Knows Me Too Well -
The Beach Boys
Lonely Is As Lonely Does -
Marti Jones
Guess I'm Dumb -
Glen Campbell
Little Lamb Dragonfly -
Paul McCartney & Wings
Ain't No Mountain High Enough -Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
Deadbeat Club -
The B-52's

and not 10 either. This could change in, oh, 3 minutes.

Jeff said...

more backstory...

8. "Leaving this Town" - Beach Boys: In 1993 my life was in limbo while I struggled to figure out what the heck I was doing with life. Nothing lights a fire under your ass like graduating college and moving into your parents' attic. Long story short: I got accepted to a masters program in Mankato, MN, and started my transition to the next phase. During this time I stumbled on The Beach Boys "Holland" LP, which had been collecting dust in my collection for years. I'm not much of a lyrics guy, but the words really connected with my situation at that moment, and I had my new theme song for the next few months.

Jeff said...

Mark -

*Awesome* list you've got. "Dandelion", "Fan Mail", "God Give Me Strength" are all faves of mine. have you heard The Wondermints' version of "Guess I'm Dumb"? I actually think it beats out the Brian/Glen version. If you've not heard it, let me know & I'll email you an mp3.

Mark said...

not heard it! please send:

HiRize said...

Mine is the same as I posted last month, it doesn't change too often actually.

1. Rapture - Blondie
2. Be Yourself - Cameo
3. Magic Man - Heart
4. I Can't Tell You Why - Eagles
5. Everybody Here Wants You - Jeff Buckley
6. Hope She'll Be Happier - Sweetback ft. Leroy Osbourne
7. Dragway 42 - Pretenders
8. The Dolphin's Cry - Live
9. Love's Way - Human Drama
10. Top Yourself - Raconteurs

Regarding your inclusion of Our Lips are Sealed.. I loved this song dearly at the skating rink- the energy of it was great- but I have never cared much for the Go-Go's. BUT.. I very reluctantly admit that Belinda is in my top 10 female vocalists, and I have ALL of her CDs including a special edition greatest hits with a bonus disc of 12" mixes and it's in my SECRET top 20 faves. That is seriously a secret and if you tell anyone I will vehemently deny it.