Sunday, October 26, 2008

oh no.

To get optimum results from vinyl LPs it's best to clean them before playing, using a reputable cleaner specially formulated for records. What some people will use on their vinyl LPs is shocking: I've heard tap water before (a no-no), and I've even read that some people will wash their records in the sink with dish soap (I'm getting faint thinking about that one).
Click for larger version:
Thanks to fellow blogger (& vinyl lover) Chuck for sending this!


Mark said...

on my really bad-shape vinyl, this just makes mud.

Jeff said...

So people actually used Vicks Vaporub on their records? This isn't just a comic strip thing?

Mark said..., no, no. it's just a comic strip thing. I meant Discwasher. I have an old Genevieve Waite (third wife of John Phillips) album that I wore into the ground about 1974. I tried Discwasher and it just turned the schmutz in the grooves to mud.