Friday, November 14, 2008

Barnes & Noble hops on the Vinyl train

Breaking news: The next time someone gives you a Barnes & Noble gift card for the holidays or birthdays you can buy yourself some shiny new records! Sure, Barnes & Noble aren't known for their low prices (and their vinyl pricing reflects that), but it's nice to have yet another option. The "member" pricing is a bit more reasonable, and there's free shipping for orders over $25, which is sweet. With Amazon, Best Buy, and B&N on board, is Target next??

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Mark said...

The current pricing on vinyl cracks me up.

Back when record manufacturers stole vinyl from us back in the 80's I think we were possibly paying $7.99 at the most per disc.

These $25.00 discs make me laugh. There's a world of used records out there.

However, that $5.99 Neil Young "Tonight's The Night" LP is a sweet deal on great album. Maybe it's been in B & N's back room since the 1986, who knows?