Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brian Wilson @ State Theatre 11.15.2008

One thing I'll say about Brian's concerts over the past ten years is that he has become far more relaxed on stage. He also has an amazing band that is able to play some pretty complex stuff. The "hits" part of tonite's show contained a couple of surprises, particularly "Salt Lake City", which I don't think I've ever heard live. "Please Let Me Wonder" was a good example of Brian's ability to sing using his "sweet voice", which for a while seemed all but lost after the mid-70's. His pitch was also mostly spot-on for most of the show, which is not always the case.

After an intermission the band played Brian's new LP, That Lucky Old Sun, in its entirety, and it was fantastic. I was surprised by how beautifully Brian sang "Midnight's Another Day" -- he actually sounded better on this one live than he does on the record. During the spoken "vignette" sections, a large screen showed little animated bits with scenes of California, along with the occasional photos of the Wilson brothers (but no pics of the full Beach Boys band). As a live show Lucky Old Sun was a whole different experience -- I felt fortunate to witness it from my front row balcony seat.
California Girls, Dance Dance Dance, Surfer Girl,
In My Room, Salt Lake City, All Summer Long,
Please Let Me Wonder, Add Some Music To Your Day,
The Little Girl I Once Knew, Do You Wanna Dance,
Do It Again, Sail On Sailor, Marcella, I Get Around,
(short round of "Row Row Row Your Boat"),
Wouldn't It Be Nice (w/Jeff Foskett on lead),
God Only Knows, Good Vibrations.
Johnny B. Goode, Help Me Ronda, Barbara Ann,
Surfin' USA, Fun, Fun, Fun
Love & Mercy


Anonymous said...

I agree - a fantastic show. No Beach Boys band ever sounded as good as the one we heard on the 15th.

In fact, several tunes (like "Please Let Me Wonder") were MUCH better than they were on record - unbelieveable 8 voice harmonies.


Mark said...

wow. i would have been in tears.