Sunday, November 09, 2008

On my turntable: Colin Blunstone - One Year

My musical orientation tends to lean more towards "the band" than "the singer". There are probably less than a half dozen singers whose voices make me all weak-kneed and mushy inside, and Colin Blunstone has one of those voices. I've been a big Zombies fan for the past 20 years, but it wasn't until last summer that I started digging into his solo work, beginning with 1972's Ennismore. I finally found Colin's first solo LP, One Year (1971), during yesterday's trip to the record store, and on first listen my insides were promptly reduced to mush (like a big steamy bowl of mashed potatoes).

One Year, as Blunstone's sleeve notes explain, represents the year between July of "She Loves the Way They Love Her" and July of "Say You Don't Mind" (the album's opening and closing songs, respectively). The ten songs are written mostly by Blunstone or Zombies Rod Argent & Chris White, which makes One Year sound very Zombies-esque. If you are a Zombies fan who's not yet heard this album, I would strongly encourage that you seek it out.


Mark said...

I found this record in the back of a closet back in 1973 when I was a mailboy at Columbia Records.

I've never put it away. Misty Roses is breathtaking. Caroline Goodbye is sublime.

Jeff said...

Maybe that's why copies of this record are so hard to find -- they're all sitting in the back of some closet at Columbia Records!

I totally agree: Breathtaking & Sublime.