Saturday, November 22, 2008

On my turntable: K-tel - Circuit Breaker

Most of my K-tel collection has been built by scouring the thrift shops, but sometimes I come across a K-tel gem at one of my record stores that I just cannot pass up. When I saw this lean, mean, and pristine copy of Circuit Breaker (1979) yesterday at Hymie's, I knew I had to bring it home. It's not a particularly rare record, but I've never seen one still in shrinkwrap looking as shiny and crisp as this copy. It sounds fantastic.

The best part about collecting these vintage K-tel records is hearing the long forgotten gems that received scant airplay back in the day, those songs that barely scraped into the top 30. Typically those are the songs that I do not recognize by title alone, but the second they start playing I'm in the wayback machine to 1979. The biggie for me on Circuit Breaker is "Dancin' Shoes" by Nigel Olsson. What a flashback. Leo said he recognized The Raes' "A Little Lovin' (keeps the doctor away)", which I don't remember hearing on Minneapolis radio. Another track that really sent me back is "What You Won't Do For Love" by Bobby Caldwell. One song that I didn't need to hear again is "You Needed Me" by Anne Murray. Somebody at K-tel must have had a friggin' chubby for Murray because I swear this song is on practically every K-tel album from '79.

To enjoy some original videos of Circuit Breaker tracks, click on the song titles below:

Bluer Than Blue . . . Michael Johnson
What You Won't Do For Love . . . Bobby Caldwell
I Was Made For Dancin'. . . Leif Garrett (from '79 tv special)
Because The Night . . . Patti Smith
Every Time I Think Of You . . . The Babys
A Little Lovin' (keeps the doctor away) . . . The Raes (Swiss tv)
Dance (disco heat) . . . Sylvester

...and now as an added bonus, here's a vintage clip of "You Needed Me" from Signing With Cindy, which is awesome beyond description:

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