Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On my turntable: Toni Tennille - More Than You Know

Here we have one of those unexpected surprises that I live for as a vinyl collector. I caught this record smiling at me earlier today at the thrift store. At some point in the past 25 years I had read positive things about Tennille's take on jazzy standards by Gershwin, Porter, etc, and indeed it's true. These songs were recorded in 1984, live in the studio with Toni and orchestra, direct to two-track, just like Sinatra used to do it. The album was reissued on CD by jazz label Varese Sarabande in 2003, but I recommend (as always) finding this puppy on warm & tasty vinyl.
Video: "More Than You Know" Solid Gold tv performance, 1984:

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