Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My letter to Donny Osmond

That's right, you heard me. I emailed Donny Osmond and gave him a piece of my mind. I am badass. Here's the letter:
"Mr. Osmond:

I hope that this email finds you healthy and happy as you and your family gear up for the joy and excitement of the holidays.

I have been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember; I was 5 when your Saturday cartoon show first aired, and I’ve followed your career ever since. I could have had far worse role models growing up, and that’s something for which I’ve always been thankful! However, I am compelled to write to you today after reading your recently publicized comments on same-sex marriage. As a gay Christian American in a long-term, committed relationship, I found your words deeply hurtful. I know that you are very dedicated to your faith, and I truly admire and respect that. I also know in my heart that you would never intentionally hurt any of your fans. However, I think I can pretty safely speak for many of your gay and lesbian fans when I say that your comments felt like being beat up on the playground all over again, except this time it was from someone whom we admire, respect, and love.

You and I were created equally by our Creator -- He just happened to make you straight instead of gay like me. I don’t expect that you will change your views on same-sex unions, even though I wish you would. You mentioned that some of your best friends are gay. Perhaps they could explain how truly crummy this feels better than I just did. Still, I share this with you today because I wanted you to know, and I hope that you accept it with the warm regards and sincerity in which it is sent.

Much love to you, Debbie, and the whole Osmond clan this Christmas season."
Yeah, OK not so badass, I guess. I tried to sound sincere because I really am a fan. I don't expect a reply tho.

(props to Daily Dish and J.M.G.)


HiRize said...

what the frig.. Donny O too?


madhouse 6 said...


i hate putzs.

how can you be friends with the "gays" yet, slam 'em at the same time.


ayem8y said...

Donny Osmond was my first concert and Prince was a more recent one. It’s shameful that they feel the need to speak out on this issue and bite the hand that feeds them. I’ve supported them as artists but do not agree with their personal convictions. I’m personally convicted to no longer support them.

Mark said...

pretty badass, if you ask me.

Tracy said...

...calm, cool and collected Badass!

I was just bad-mouthin' Donny the other day, but it was an entirely different reason.

Casey said...

Nicely put. There is no need to ever be bitchy (well, sometimes). Would love to hear if you get any sort of reply.

Jeff said...

Thanks everyone for your comments & support and for making me feel badass :). Who knew writing a letter to Donny Osmond could feel so empowering.