Thursday, December 11, 2008

next round

This has been a very stressful week of academics for yours truly. To top things off, tonight I found myself in a discussion with two other graduate students regarding, of all things, gay marriage and prop 8. I normally enjoy such discussions (because usually educated people tend to have common sense), but tonight I realized that I was talking with two people who do not support equal marriage rights. One was a staunch republican, and the other a Christian who is more concerned about the rights of her church.

I'm about to go off on a rant now, but it's not directed at the two people I talked with tonight, because I do consider them both friends. OK here goes.
  • I am not an abomination.
  • I am as good as other Catholics, Christians, non-Christians, basically all other humans.
  • If there is anything "not normal" about me, it has nothing to do with me being gay.
  • How dare you imply that being gay makes me ANYTHING LESS than you.
  • I would be an INCREDIBLE parent, I just choose not to have children. Being straight does not automatically make someone a better parent.
  • I am not a pervert, but if I were it would not be because I'm gay.
  • When you say "Don't take this the wrong way, but my faith tells me that homosexuality is wrong" -- HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE THAT? I am sick of people assuming that because I'm gay that I can't be Catholic or Christian. The Pope is not the boss of me, and I'd like to see him try to kick me out of the church.
  • I am not immoral.
  • My relationship with my partner is just as sacramental as your hetero marriage. How dare you imply otherwise. Just because your laws prevent us from legalizing our partnership doesn't mean that God is not present in our home.
  • Nobody should have to explain why they are worthy of the same rights as another human.
  • It makes me angry that I feel like I NEED to defend myself to other people.
  • If your Bible says that I am an abomination, maybe there's something wrong with your Bible. GOD MADE ME THIS WAY. Are you saying God fucked up?? Seriously!!
  • I refuse to EVER again feel apologetic for who I am.
  • Oh - and if you are AGAINST equal rights for gays, YOU ARE A BIGOT.
Thanks all. 'Till next time.


ayem8y said...

Very nicely said. I was raised Baptist, consider myself Christian and went to church every Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday night until I was 19. I imagine I went to church more often than most of these people spouting all of this evil. It bothers me that people INTERPRET the bible so literally when the bible says to beware of interpreting its passages. The same passages also state that selling your sister into slavery, killing your mother for wearing fabric made with two different threads and treating people as outcasts for touching the flesh of swine is advisable. The world was a different place 3000 years ago. Think for yourselves you stupid sheep.

It has also been my experience that the males that are most adamant about this subject suffer from an internal conflict stemming from their own sexual desires. They entreat, “If I can’t do it then no one else can either”.

The females that persecute have more than likely experienced a relationship with a male who turned out to be homosexual or had tendencies. They internalize and agonize over the struggle then seek the church for answers and they usually hold a personal conviction, “If I can’t have him then no one else will either”.

Mark said...

FUCKIN' A!!!!!!

Rave on, brother!

Connie Kragerud said...

I just found your blog Jeff and have enjoyed your energy all day today.
I love you my dear friend.....thanks for kickin ass the way you do!