Thursday, December 25, 2008

On my turntable (xmas booty edition) - John Lennon - Rock N Roll

I got some super sweet stuff for Christmas this year, including this pristine, brand new 2008 reissue of Rock-N-Roll (1975) (THANK YOU JAN & BRAD). As a record collector and Beatles fan, there are few life moments as satisfying as cracking the seal on a new Apple LP. A few things about Rock-N-Roll:
  • It was John's last full-length LP of "new" material prior to his retirement in '75, which lasted until the release of 1980's grammy-winning Double Fantasy.
  • I bought this album while John was still alive (1979, I think) -- seems like a million years ago now. I'm pretty certain that I purchased it at Don Leary's records.
  • Rock-N-Roll was one of the final LPs released on The Beatles' Apple label until its resurrection in the 90's. I think the last actual LP of the era was Ringo's Blast from the Past (1975).
  • The new reissue uses the same catalog number as the original release: SK-3419
  • The album's sole hit was "Stand By Me", the 45 of which included a non-LP b-side, "Move Over Ms. L", which I'm pretty sure is about Yoko (the couple were separated at the time). Here's the original promo film for "Stand By Me", notable for its live vocal from John:
"You Should Have Been There" - Dr. Winston O'Boogie

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