Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"The people have spoken"

This is another line that's wearing very thin lately, in reference to Prop H8.

Straight blogger Kevin Tracy states it very nicely on his blog (Correction: it was actually written by Jared Wilkerson -- thanks to Mr. Tracy for kindly pointing this out!):
"I sort of hate to say this, but screw the people. The people are idiots. The people can’t identify a picture of Gerald Ford, yet they’ve taken the time to educate themselves on the names and faces of every American Idol star and pop singer on the planet.

Allowing people to vote on whether or not to give gays their right to be treated equally is like asking the southern states of 1859 America whether or not those pesky colored folks oughtta keep bein’ slaves so they don’t have to start doing the work themselves. Of course the gays aren’t going to win. They’re severly outnumbered and the majority of people just don’t give a rip about them."

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Kevin Tracy said...

Hey Jeff,
That was actually said by my straight and more liberal contributor, Jared Wilkerson.

I personally think the people did the right thing under the circumstances. Thanks for noticing us though. Keep an eye on Wilk's posts. You'll probably enjoy a lot of his arguments.

-Kevin Tracy