Monday, January 12, 2009

7 things

I've seen this on other blogs but never took a stab at it myself. Here's 7 random things you may not know about me...

1. I like jalapenos on my PB&J sandwiches.

2. I used to be an active musician. One of my most memorable experiences was getting my band's version of "Yesterday's Hero" released on a Bay City Rollers tribute CD, which was officially approved by The Rollers (or so I was told).

3. The four bands/artists I've seen live the most times:
  1. Cheap Trick
  2. The Beach Boys
  3. Prince
  4. The Monkees
4. For about the first half of my life I was embarrassed about my red hair.

5. My fave color is orange.

6. I am very proud of my mixed heritage: Swedish, Norwegian, Swiss, German, Irish. I consider my cultural background to be Northeast Minneapolis.

7. I am skilled at repairing 8-track tapes. I am also skilled at destroying 8-track tapes in my efforts to repair them.


Mark said...

how could you possibly be embarassed by red hair? don't you know there are men like me out there who just melt in the prensence of all it's red splendor? and most of you redheads won't even cast a glance my way!

Jeff said...

Mark - When I met Leo in person for the first time he said "Um, did you tell me before that you were a redhead?" :) I was a little surprised to learn that there were so many men out there who had such an interest. Had I known that red hair was such an asset I might have come out sooner than I did!

Jennifer said...

Fact #2 is awesome! Why haven't you mentioned that before?

That is just so cool!

Oh, and girls like redheads, too, you know : )

Jeff said...

Jen - I dunno why I never mentioned the Rollers thing - I forget sometimes that the bloggerspace doesn't know things about me unless I write about them :). Seriously, the biggest thrill about being on that CD was knowing that the Rollers themselves were going to hear it.

And re: the red hair -- when I was in the "straight market" I seriously felt like the red hair worked against me! Turns out I wasn't made to be with the ladies anyway, so it worked out great. But thanks for sharing your insight ;).

OC said...

I gotta tell ya kid, when you were just a little tyke, I loved to mooch on you, and your reddish brown hair was ka-yute!!! Sorry for being a mush, but you and Jay were the sweetest little guys I knew. :) Cyn