Monday, January 26, 2009

9:55 pm

You can tell from that look in his eyes
that it's Austin's fun bun run time.


OC said...

Hey Jeff, Do the bunnies go crazy and dart all over the place, hop and skip and chase each other sometimes? Mol and Brod go mental and actually play hide and seek with each other (outside), and it's absolutely the funniest and endearing thing to watch! C.

Jeff said...

They do. One way that rabbits express joy is by jumping and twisting around uncontrollably - it almost looks like a seizure. It's hilarious. Simon tends to run into things like walls. As I type this Simon is running back and forth behind the couch at record speed. Sometimes they'll run around and suddenly just stop and look at us as if they're saying "Did you see that? Pretty fast, huh?"